Order of the Black Skulls

Order of the Black Skulls is a society for the MMORPG called Pirates of the Burning Sea.
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 Saying Hello

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PostSubject: Saying Hello   Saying Hello Icon_minitimeFebruary 18th 2008, 10:44

I am not sure who all has moved over since the big move to the British side of the house. But I just wanted to let anyone in Black Skulls that might have moved over know that several of us formed a new Society and Split off from the Salty Sea Dogs after the stressful move. Our Society is called the Black Watch Militia, A british Society....so say hi to us on the High Seas and if still Pirate..well say high then soot us Smile


Christian Fletcher (aka Baltimore)
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JT Aurorius
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PostSubject: Re: Saying Hello   Saying Hello Icon_minitimeFebruary 19th 2008, 09:36

Thanks for contacting us man!!!

We have made the move to the Antigua Server as British. We did this for a couple of reasons.

1. A couple of us had already started Brits over there.

2. We didn't want to erase our pirates.

We can still jump back and be dirty, rotten, stinking pirates when in the mood.

Bummer that all the BS as pirates followed by a difficult move split you guys yet again. I know it was difficult, I looked into what it would take to make that move. Hopefully there is still a working relationship with you guys.

Hey, when they get the "match" system up maybe we can set up some battles between our pirates and your nationals. The match system is a proposed upgrade to the game where you schedule a battle and only the participants given permission can take part. We might have some fun with that! After, we can get on the same Vent or TS and BS about the battle! However, we would need more Pirates than nationals in the battle. We have really come to learn that pirates are out-buffed and out-equipped. The only chance to make it interesting is more pirate numbers. But we can discuss all that later.

Stay in touch.
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Saying Hello
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