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Order of the Black Skulls is a society for the MMORPG called Pirates of the Burning Sea.
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Emote List

Commands that show emotion. Most demonstrate the emotion through an animation, and most broadcast text describing what you are doing.

/absent - Look around absent-mindedly. (No Animation)
/admire - Express your admiration with a grand gesture.
/afraid - Your fear is showing.
/aggressive - Shake your fist defiantly.
/agree - Express your agreement by nodding.
/ahoy - Catch the attention of nearby ships. (No Animation)
/alert - Order people to be ready for something. (No Animation)
/amaze - Your jaw drops in amazement.
/angry - Stomp your foot and clench your fists in anger.
/apologize - Clasp your hands and offer apologies.
/applaud - Clap with enthusiasm.
/applause - Clap with enthusiasm.
/arrr - Arrr ya ready?
/attention - Stand at attention.
/beckon - Beckon and wave someone over.
/beg - Drop down and beg for something.
/begone - Bah! Wave dismissively.
/behold - Express something amazing with a lavish gesture.
/belch - Belch out in polite company.
/bigkiss - Pucker up.
/bigno - Wave your arms and shake your head no.
/bigyes - Agree emphatically with a big thumbs-up.
/bleed - Clutch your pain-wracked innards.
/blush - Your cheeks burn. (No Animation)
/boggle - Rub your eyes in disbelief.
/bonk - Reach out and bonk someone.
/bow - Bow deeply.
/brat - Wiggle your fingers and show everyone how much more mature you are . . . so there.
/bye - Wave goodbye.
/cackle - Cackle gleefully.
/celebrate - Express your good fortune with a fist pump.
/challenge - Beckon and throw a challenge out to any contenders.
/cheer - Jump and cheer.
/cheers - Raise and toss back a mug.
/chuckle - A hearty laugh.
/clap - Clap your hands.
/comehere - Wave to others that you want them to get over here.
/comeon - Beckon and tell folks to get moving.
/confused - Express your confusion by tossing up your hands.
/cough - Cough uncontrollably.
/coverears - Cover your ears. . .la la la, can't hear you.
/cower - Shiver in your boots.
/cross - Make a sign of the cross.
/crossarms - Cross your arms.
/crouch - Crouch down.
/cry - Cry into your hands.
/curtsey - Gracefully curtsy.
/curtsy - Gracefully curtsy.
/cutthroat - Make a threatening slicing motion across your throat.
/dance - Show off your cool moves.
/dawn - Come to a realization. (No Animation)
/demand - Point at your enemies and demand that they surrender.
/demand100 - Tell victim to surrender all of their goods, or face the consequences. (No Animation)
/demand50 - Tell victim to surrender half of their goods, or face the consequences. (No Animation)
/dontknow - Look around and shrug in confusion.
/drink - You take a drink.
/duck - Quickly crouch down.
/dukes - Put up your fists.
/dung - Scrape something unpleasant off your boot.
/egyptian - A long-forgotten lyric to an old tune. (No Animation)
/evileye - Give the evil eye. (No Animation)
/eyebrow - Raise an eyebrow. (No Animation)
/fan - Wave your hand to fan yourself off.
/fiddle - Pull out your trusty fiddle and play a jaunty tune.
/flex - Pose and show off your muscles.
/flinch - Recoil and flinch away.
/flirt - Flirt shamelessly.
/followme - Wave and tell others to follow you.
/frown - Frown unhappily.
/frustrated - Stomp and clench fists in frustration.
/gasp - Gasp in disbelief.
/gg - You tip your hat to friends and foes.
/giggle - Laugh into your hands.
/giveup - Raise your arms in surrender.
/glare - Glare at others. (No Animation)
/greed - Rub your greedy mitts together.
/grim - Predict the worst outcome. (No Animation)
/grin - Show someone the bright side of life.
/groan - Throw back your head and groan.
/guns - Call out orders to crew and others.
/haha - Laugh till your sides hurt.
/hail - Hail others. (No Animation)
/heelclick - Jump and click your heels.
/hello - Wave and greet others.
/helpme - Shout out and call for aid.
/hi - Wave and say hi to others.
/hither - Try to catch someone's eye. (No Animation)
/holdfire - Shout to others to hold their fire.
/horror - Recoil in horror!
/hug - Reach out and hug someone.
/hungry - Show everyone how hungry you are by rubbing your belly.
/hurray - Raise your arm and cheer out loud.
/hymn - Sing a hymn. (No Animation)
/impatient - Tap your foot impatiently.
/insane - Look at others with mad eyes. (No Animation)
/insult - Express your witticisms. (No Animation)
/intro - Bow and introduce yourself.
/jig - Dance a little jig.
/joy - Stamp and cheer joyfully.
/jump - Jump in place.
/kick - Kick dirt in frustration.
/kiss - Reach out and kiss someone.
/knuckle - Crack your knuckles.
/laugh - Laugh heartily.
/line - Dare someone to cross the line. (No Animation)
/listen - Cup your ear and listen carefully.
/lol - Laugh heartily.
/lost - Throw up your hands in confusion.
/mad - Stomp your foot and clench your fists in anger.
/mbow - Snap to attention and crisply bow.
/mercy - Drop to your knees and beg for mercy.
/mighty - Roar with mightiness!
/mock - Point, pose and mock things.
/moon - Pretend to drop your pants and moon the crowd.
/mourn - Overwhelmed, drop to one knee and grieve.
/nervous - Look around quickly and nervously.
/no - Shake your head in disagreement.
/nod - Nod your head in agreement.
/noquarter - Tell victim that no quarter will be offered or given. (No Animation)
/officer - Stand and look around officially.
/oops - Smack your forehead.
/pacify - Wave your arms and ask others to calm down.
/panic - Look around nervously, in a panic.
/pardon - Bow your head apologetically.
/peer - Peer off into the distance.
/point - Point to something in front of you.
/pointl - Point to something to the left of you.
/pointr - Point to something to the right of you.
/poisoned - Grab your stomach and gag.
/poke - Poke at something. (No Animation)
/ponder - Cross your arms and think over things.
/pout - Cross your arms and sulk.
/pray - Drop to one knee to utter a quick prayer.
/puzzled - Think, shake your head, then throw arms up in confusion.
/qq - Cry like a child.
/ready - Nod your head with a firm affirmative.
/rude - Clench your fist and hold it in a rude manner.
/salute - Salute sharply, at attention.
/sarcastic - Clap slowly and sarcastically.
/sassy - Hands on hips, stand with attitude.
/scoff - You wave your hand dismissively.
/scowl - Hands on hips, you frown unhappily.
/scratch - Reach back and scratch your head.
/scratch2 - Scratch a small itch on your foot.
/shakefist - Shake your fist defiantly.
/shiver - Clutch and rub your arms for warmth.
/shoo - Use both hands to wave away pesky types.
/shopping - Carefully consider your purchase, finger to chin.
/shout - Cup your hands and shout.
/shrug - Throw up your hands and shrug your shoulders.
/sick - Grab your mouth and dry heave a few times.
/sigh - Heave a heavy sigh.
/signal - Point out target spotted.
/silence - Pause and bow your head in silence.
/sit - You sit down for a moment.
/slap - Reach out and slap something.
/smile - Put on a happy face.
/smirk - A wry smirk crosses your face. (No Animation)
/sneer - Show your contempt by curling your lip. (No Animation)
/sneeze - Sneeze out loud.
/sorry - Clasp your hands and shake your head apologetically.
/spit - You are especially good at expectorating.
/spurn - Wave away any annoyances.
/squint - Shade your eyes to get a better look.
/stagger - Appear unsteady on your feet.
/stinky - Cover your nose and wave away the stink.
/stretch - Stretch your arms a bit.
/stun - Gasp in astonishment.
/surrender - Raise your arms in surrender.
/swoon - Raise your hand to your head and fall down overwhelmed.
/taunt - Beckon to a challenger for a fight.
/tears - Scrub the tears out of your eyes.
/thank - Point out your thanks.
/thirsty - Express your need for something to wet your whistle. (No Animation)
/threat - Make a threatening slicing motion across your throat.
/throat - Make a slicing motion across your throat in a threatening manner.
/thumb - Express your contempt by thumbing your nose at things. (No Animation)
/thumbsup - Give a big thumbs up.
/tiphat - Tip your hat.
/tired - Heave a big sigh.
/toast - Raise and toss back a mug.
/toot - It wasn't you.
/ty - Point out your thanks.
/victory - Pump your fist and cheer.
/volunteer - Raise your hand enthusiastically.
/vomit - You look green around the gills.
/waltz1 - Lead a waltz.
/waltz2 - Follow a waltz.
/warn - Cup your hands and shout out a warning.
/wave - Wave in a friendly fashion.
/whistle - Whistle for something. (No Animation)
/wink - Wink at random people. (No Animation)
/wipenose - Rub your nose, wipe unpleasant things off.
/wolfwhistle - Flatter the object of your affections with loud noises.
/yar - Strike a hearty yar!
/yarr - Strike a hearty yar!
/yes - Nod in affirmation.
/yoho - Swing and stomp out a jaunty song.
/yw - Acknowledge and point out others' thanks.
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