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Order of the Black Skulls is a society for the MMORPG called Pirates of the Burning Sea.
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 The Road to v1.1 -- Open Sea Improvements

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The Road to v1.1 -- Open Sea Improvements Empty
PostSubject: The Road to v1.1 -- Open Sea Improvements   The Road to v1.1 -- Open Sea Improvements Icon_minitimeJanuary 30th 2008, 02:58

New Devlog: The Road to v1.1 -- Open Sea Improvements
01.29.08 by Rev

Version 1.1 is here! This new version of Pirates of the Burning Sea is primarily a bug-fix buildóbut what a bug-fix build it is. I just ran a query on our bug database and found that this build includes the fixes for more than one thousand bugs. The vast majority of those are text and content bugs, most so small that they arenít included in our patch notes or Mishaís head would explode when she writes them, but youíll find small polish improvements throughout the game as well as stability and performance improvements. (Our first free content update, v1.2, is coming soon. That has lots of new content and features and weíll start sharing details on it in just a couple weeks.)

Since our soft launch on January 7th, we have released several patches to fix critical issues. Crashes, memory leaks, and server stability have all seen significant improvements in the last three weeks. But weíve only been rolling out the most urgent fixes to you, while testing continued on many, many more improvements and corrections.

While this build is mostly about bug fixes, it does include a handful of features and tuning changes to make the game better. In this series of devlogs Iím going to cover the highlights of whatís in v1.1.

Want to play this new build? It is going live on our Testbed server in the next 24 hours. If you have never played on Testbed before, itís a special server where we try out new builds before they go live on the real servers. This is where you can field-test new changes, features, content, and improvements before most players see them. Your feedback on Testbed is critical to us, so if you havenít tried Testbed before you can find all the information you need to get started in the Test Server Discussion forum. Thatís also where your feedback on changes in the current Testbed build should go so we can evaluate how our changes are working.

Now letís get to the good stuff! In this devlog Iím going to cover improvements weíve made to the Open Sea.
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The Road to v1.1 -- Open Sea Improvements
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